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  • Do you want exciting new diagnostic skills to get your patients and your practice to the next level of success?
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  • Do you want to to be one of the few practitioners who can get an incredible amount of detailed Functional Data from the standard blood tests you are ordering for your patients?

How would you like to learn everything you need to know about the functional analysis of your patients' blood tests which will:

  • Put you on the cutting edge of preventative diagnosis.
  • Help you get more from the tests you are already performing.
  • Hone your blood chemistry analysis skills.
  • Show you how these tests can be used as a prognostic marker for dysfunction.
  • Cut the amount of time you spend analyzing your patient's' blood tests.
  • Make your blood chemistry testing an indispensable screening tool.
  • Increase the profitability of your practice.

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4 Things You Will Know After You Join Blood Chemistry University:

  • An understanding of the implications for blood tests that are outside the normal value and implications of blood tests that fall outside of an optimal range.
  • A knowledge of what tests to order....You will learn what tests deserve to be on your standard panel, and what tests don't.
  • How to turn your regular blood chemistry and CBC/Hematology test into an incredible prognostic marker for dysfunction.
  • How to put it all together....You will have an understanding of the patterns that exist between tests and the likely dysfunctions associated with the patterns.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your investment is protected by my 30-day "Free Look" Policy. Here's how it works: You have a full 30 days to preview "The FBCA Coaching Program" at Blood Chemistry University AND 30 days to test-drive the powerful Blood Chemistry Software Program.  If you decide during that time that "Blood Chemistry University" is not for you, just let us know and you'll be issued a full and prompt questions asked. In short, you get a great return on your investment, or you get your money back. It's that simple...

Still Have Questions?

On the fence? Wondering if "Blood Chemistry University" is right for you and your clinic? The answers you need may be found below...

  letter_q_smallHow is this program being delivered?

The training portion of this program is being run as an online training. There will be 12 sessions in total with 1 training session going live and active in the training site every week. The sessions will be about an hour in length and will focus on a specific organ system or series of blood chemistry patterns.

I've been teaching seminars in Functional Blood Chemistry analysis since 2002 in the US, Canada, and Europe and I'm the author of the best selling book “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis: Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective”. This training is a presentation of my latest work in this subject. I decided to do this as an online event because so many people have difficulty making a live seminar and I don't want to have to travel quite so much! So no travel costs, no air travel, no eating bad hotel food, and no sitting in airless hotel rooms 8 hours/day!! You can take this training in the comfort of your office or home and access the training sessions 24/7 from our exclusive training site PLUS I've got valuable training material from other leading Functional Medicine experts!!

  letter_q_smallAre the sessions live at a specific time and day each week? When does it start? What’s the schedule?

No, the training sessions are not taught live and the training starts as soon as your payment goes through and you get registered on the training site. You get access to a new training session each week. They go live and active every 7 days on the same day of the week that you started the program. You will get an email notifying when the latest module is live and active in your account!

  letter_q_smallHow long will I have access to the Training Material?

The training material will be up on our exclusive training site and you’ll have 24/7 ongoing access to it. You can watch all the videos, download the training audios, watch the bonus videos from anywhere in the world as long as they have high-speed internet. You get Lifetime Access! No expiration date on this one!

  letter_q_smallI won’t be able to make many of the training sessions. Can I get access to them later?

The training sessions are not live! Each session has been recorded and the video is made available in our exclusive members-only training site: Blood Chemistry University!

The training will include streaming video of the presentation and audio downloads of all sessions in MP3 format so you can quickly add them to your iPod or MP3 player. This is a great bonus because you can replay the sessions over and over again. You will have 24/7 lifetime access to this archive from any computer anywhere in the world through your members-only account. You can’t do that by attending a live event!

  letter_q_smallWhat else do I get with my registration?

Your Blood Chemistry University registration obviously comes with access to the all 12 of my training sessions but I decided to go beyond that , so you're also getting the following:

Additional Lectures from Functional Medicine Experts

I want to provide you with tremendous value, which is why I’ve invited leading experts in Functional Medicine, Functional Diagnosis and Functional Nutrition to provide cutting-edge and advanced training material to all the attendees. These have been recorded and made available in the training vault.

6 Weeks of Unlimited Professional level Access to my Premium "Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Software Program"

The second part of the Training System is the software. As part of your training registration you’ll get 6 weeks of unlimited Professional level access for FREE ($245 value!) This will give you enough time to enter some patients into the software, generate some reports, do some patient consults, etc.

This is the ONLY Blood Chemistry Analysis Software Program based exclusively on my pioneering work in this field. One of my users told me “it’s like having Dr. Weatherby interpret every single one of my patient’s blood test results!”

  letter_q_smallWhat do I get when I register for Blood Chemistry University?

12 “LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER Training Sessions” designed to get you up to speed with the knowledge portion of the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Training System. I’ll be using the latest technology to provide you with a unique learning experience. This training program is divided into twelve (12) information packed training sessions where we will walk you through all the steps to successfully integrate and implement a Functional Analysis of your patients’ blood test results.

Exclusive Training Site- The training program is hosted within Blood Chemistry University. We are using the latest web technology to give you a truly exclusive training opportunity. Only those who have registered for the training you will have access to this site. Blood Chemistry University will become your online home for the training and also the software training so you can get the most from your software account. All of our Blood Chemistry Analysis training sessions lessons will be archived on this unique training platform.

Video Replays in Our Online Archive will all be made available in Blood Chemistry University. We want you to have access to the video replays as you need them so you can watch the lessons in your own time or as a review.

Access to the Audio For Each and Every Training Session – All training sessions will be recorded and made available to download from Blood Chemistry University and listen to on your iPod or CD. You’ll also get to download all of the PowerPoint slide shows to follow along as well.

Bonus Lectures From Leading Functional Medicine Experts

6 weeks of Functional Blood Chemistry Software Professional Level Access designed to get you up and running quickly so you can start meeting with your patients Monday morning and wowing them with all the reports ($245 value)

Access to Coaching Calls & Our Coaching Call Archive

letter_q_smallWhat sort of certification will I get when I register for Dr. Weatherby’s “Functional Blood Chemistry Training Program”?

We are happy to give a certificate to all practitioners who attend all 12 training sessions. In order to prove you have watched/attended the training sessions we ask that you send us a short report on the sessions you watch from the archive. This will verify that you have attended the sessions and can be given certification from Dr. Weatherby. You must contact us if you want a certificate:

letter_q_smallCan I get Continuing Education?

At present we do not have CE for this class. We can give a certificate of completion at the end if you attend all 12 training sessions and write short reports on each session. We can also give a certificate of hours attended too so you can submit that to your Board for CE.

  letter_q_smallWith my registration I see that I’m getting a 6 week free Professional Unlimited account to Dr. Weatherby's Blood Chem Software program. What will be the cost of continuing to use the software after the 6 week trial?

I truly believe that having access to a software program like this whilst learning the knowledge part of FBCA will ensure your success. I want to give you a chance to test-drive the software before making a decision to continue with the service. The software is an online use-based software program and a Professional account costs $175/month. After the 6 weeks are up you will begin a recurring subscription. After your 6 week trial expires, you will be billed $175, which will give you ongoing unlimited access to the software for another month and then you will be re-billed $175/month after that, i.e. your credit card will be charged $175 after the first 6 weeks is up and every month unless you cancel your account.

The Blood Chemistry Software is a recurring subscription service and charges will continue until your account has been cancelled. There is no long term contract for becoming a user of our software. If you want to quit, notify us before your account renews and we’ll close your account.

My hope is that the value you get from the software and the value it gives your clients will far outweigh the cost for its use. I have practitioners who are making over $200 profit from every blood test consultation they do with their patient’s blood testing. Just 1 of these a month more than covers the cost of the service plus you get free upgrades!

  letter_q_smallYou mentioned that we’ll get 6 weeks of “Unlimited software access”. What do you mean by “Unlimited”?

I understand that many practices have historical data that they’d like to put into the system so I decided to make your software access unlimited, which will give you the opportunity to enter UNLIMITED LAB TESTS into the system. Basically a “test” constitutes the results on a test report you get back from a lab, once you enter that data into the system and press save, it counts as 1 lab test in the system.

  letter_q_smallCan the software create reports from varying blood panels or does it need an exact set?

The software creates reports based on whatever test results you enter. There are no preset panels just custom profiles you can set up in the system. The more results you enter into the system the better.

  letter_q_smallDoes the blood chem software recommend specific products and dosage?

Yes, I have built 2 product recommendation reports into the report center in the software: The "Health Improvement Plan" or HIP and the "Product Summary Report".

The HIP creates unique customized recommendations on how to "treat" the top 8 clinical conditions and deficiencies as seen on the blood test.

The "Product Summary Report" provides a summary of the nutritional product recommendations in the HIP. This report is a one-page report that your patient can put on their fridge. At present the supplement recommendations are product company specific, so you cannot mix companies.

  letter_q_smallWhat supplement companies are built into the software and can I add my own? What about additional testing recommendations?

Currently we have protocols from the following companies built into the system: Apex Energetics, Designs for Health, Metagenics, Moss Nutrition, Xymogen, Biotics Research, Premier Research Lab, Standard Process, Orthomolecular, and NuMedica. We plan on adding in additional companies over time. At present you cannot add in your own companies. If you have a company you use a lot and want to add it into the system shoot us an email and we'll look into it!

We also have a Generic option and a "No Product" option, which generates a HIP report with no product companies. This is a great report to run if you plan on putting together your own protocol for the patient.

As for additional testing recommendations, we have a practitioner-only report called "The Recommended Further Testing" report that analyzes the results and makes recommendations of areas that you should further review or follow up. This could be a recommendation of a referral to a specialist or another more detailed lab test.

  letter_q_smallCan I make money with the reports from the software?

Absolutely! I know a number of successful practitioners that make $100 profit from every blood test they run. That’s profit above and beyond the cost of the test itself. At that rate of profit just 1 consultation/month will pay for the software each month! Do more than that and the rest is profit to you! We also have a bonus video in the training on how to monetize blood testing in your clinic!

  letter_q_smallCan you use this program on an ipad?

Yes. You can access the software through safari on your iPad but at present there is no custom app for the ipad or android devices. Our programmer will be working on that very soon.

  letter_q_smallHow secure is the software?

The software itself utilizes the very latest SSL browser encryption and the Database encryption of all personally identifiable data is 100% HIPPA compliant. I take your patient security very seriously, which is why I have invested heavily in the latest security features.

  letter_q_smallCan the software show comparisons over time?

Absolutely. I am a big fan of looking at change over time. I have built an historical report into the software that shows how the lab test results have changed over time. In fact, in the main Blood Test Results Report I include the last test alongside the latest test and show change markers for you so you can quickly tell whether or not a particular element is moving in the right direction between lab tests.

  letter_q_smallI run labs outside the US and my labs are in Standard International units. Can I use the software?

Absolutely. There is no need to convert Standard International units (the units used by every lab outside of the US) into US units to use this software! This is the only software that we are aware of that is 100% useable by practitioners from all over the world. US practitioners use the software is US unit mode while practitioners from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc. can input data in Standard International units, the units that come on their tests.

  letter_q_smallIs there a guarantee so I can check it out and if it’s not for me get a refund?

Absolutely! Your investment is protected by my 30-day "Free Look" Policy. Here's how it works: You have a full 30 days to preview "The FBCA Coaching Program" at Blood Chemistry University. (That's 4 training modules,  and 30 days of free software use (a $175 value!) If you decide during that time that "Blood Chemistry University" is not for you, just let us know and you'll be issued a full and prompt questions asked. In short, you get a great return on your investment, or you get your money back. It's that simple...


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Here's what some real customers say
about Dr. Weatherby's FBCA work

Dr. Weatherby has now trained thousands of practitioners with his system of
Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and has seen many of them achieve
outstanding clinical and financial success. You could be next. Sign Up Now

"This program, by far, is the most comprehensive functional health tool I have ever used in my practice and has become my Gold Standard of assessments in my practice. From a business standpoint, this has increased our revenue considerably. We have seen a steady increase in referrals from our patients not only in our local area, but I am doing several phone consultations a day with patients from all around the country. The word is out and it truly has changed the dynamics of our practice”

Stuart R. Hoover, NHD, DM(P), BCIH

"Based upon my past experiences with Dr. Weatherby's excellent books and seminars, I knew this software had all the marking of being a major positive shift in my clinical practice. After only a week of use, I realized that I had a true "clinic pearl" on my hands. The amount of detail that I can glean from the basic blood work that practically every practitioner orders is truly amazing. As both a private practitioner and a clinical professor at a nationally renowned Naturopathic college I have come to rely heavily upon this program to create truly "game changing" clinical results. Some of my senior colleagues in the Naturopathic field have been astounded with insights this software provides."

Shawn Soszka, ND, Lac, Portland, Oregon

Dr. Dicken Weatherby's software program is an incredibly powerful tool., which has given me an even greater advantage in helping patients with the blood work. There are so many useful tools in the software that are difficult to describe here. But, suffice it to say, my medical practice has benefited from the professionalism of the patient reports, the practitioner reports, and the overall program. There are insights from the software that I would sometimes overlook in blood work, even with all the years of experience interpreting the results. There is really no reason to not buy it. It will enhance the bottom line, financially, and the bottom line of patients getting better."

Dennis Godby, N.D., Sacramento, California

Dr. Weatherby’s Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis software program has been such a huge time saver for me. I used to spend at least half an hour per report and I never charged for it. Now it takes so much less time to analyze and goes in far more detail than I was even able to do. Patients really seem to like the reports and I expect to get even better in my use of them. I would highly recommend every practitioner use this software!"

Dr. Melody Keller, Glendive, Montana

“I have been practicing functional medicine for almost 10 years. I have used Dr. Weatherby’s books and charts for the past 4 years and have found them to be very helpful in the analysis of my patient’s blood as part of their health picture. The Blood Chemistry Software has freed up my time. Instead of spending 12 hours analyzing my patient’s results, I am able to see more patients. Having a printed report for them is a big value and helps increase their compliance to my recommendations. I especially like the fact that there aren’t any product recommendations; it leaves all those decisions to me. Thanks so much Dr. Weatherby for fulfilling your promise to make this software–I know it wasn’t easy, but it is much appreciated!”

Kasi Rote, D.C.,

“I have been doing lab interpretations for years... each Report of Findings and Plan of Action was hand-typed by me and time consuming. The Blood Chem Software reports and handouts have decreased my personal time per analysis by at least half. Through the use of repeated testing and printed reports, it is evident to my patients the progress that is being made. The graphics allow even a lay person to interpret their positive changes with our treatments."

Jodi Judge, DC, Peoria, Arizona

“Previous to using this software program I would have had to take all of the data and enter these onto a sheet and then cross collate and correlate my findings. This process would invariably take me well over an hour and may, depending on the complexity take me two hours or more to establish a significant set of results. My experience of the software is such that I have found that entering the information takes me no more than 10 to 15 minutes at the most and then a few seconds or so for the processing of the data. After that, the result are so elegantly presented in written and graphic form that I suggest that no more than a maximum of 20 minutes has elapsed from start to finish with as much data and reports as one could want.. Not forgetting that all the reference materials are there and accessible mouse click away... simply marvelous. Clearly this is a massive time saving and offers so much to any practice as an add on service or simply to leave additional valuable time to devote to ones patient, a win win situation all round.”

Jonathan Cohen, MSc m BANT CNHC

“The biggest area of my practice that has been enhanced by Dr Weatherby's software is client compliance. The functional medicine results provide very clear indications to my clients about systems in their bodies that need support. This allows clients that previously may not have seen the value in a certain treatment program become more compliant with the use of track-able outcomes."

Brian Davies, DC, North Vancouver, BC Canada

"Dr. Weatherby's Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis - Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective  has begun to fill a gap in the practice of unconventional medicine, as well as conventional medicine. The practitioner of natural medicine now has access to a laboratory reference manual more in line with his/her practice. This book should be considered the preferred textbook and reference manual of holistically-oriented blood chemistry analysis.”

Keoni Teta, N.D., L.Ac

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“I use to do a lot of this by hand. It would take me 1-2 hours per patient and I still did not have the detail or the format that this software has made accessible. Now, the report can be generated within 15 minutes and I can spend the other 45 minutes digesting it and preparing for my clinical strategy. This software program has elevated my level of competency and performance and my patients are the beneficiary of this."

Dr. Sharon Rasa , Red Bank, New Jersey

“Dr. Weatherby's software program has allowed me to professionally discuss a person's blood test results and give them more reason to become my patient. Patients that don't really feel that they are really "sick" see things quite differently when they are shown the report and then when I outline what we need to do and tell them that we can retest to see if we're doing things right it makes a lot of sense to them."

Darrell Oakes, DC, DACNB, Boise, Idaho

"This software has now become an important part of my practice and my skill in assessing blood data is becoming significantly more competent.It has enabled me to gain a deeper understanding of patients underlying issues and address them nutritionally, or refer back to their GP if required."

Jenny Phillips, High Wycombe, United Kingdom

As an alternative health care practitioner the Blood Chemistry Software is one of the most valuable tools in my tool chest.Being able to show my clients the difference between Lab Values vs. Functional Values is a huge tool. It makes so much sense. I also love how it puts it all together and makes a big puzzle so much easier to solve."

Tracy Bosnian NTP CH, Portland, Oregon

“You'll want to use Dr. Weatherby's FBCA software because it will give you a quick, reliable insight into your patient's healthI have gained valuable insight into my patient's health, not only present state but also where they are headed.When a patient can see in color what is going on in their body they are motivated and more compliant.

Donna Perillo, D.C., Pompton Plains, New Jersey

“Dr. Weatherby's FBCA software will save you time and provide accurate information to your patientsDr. Weatherby's software program has saved me time in preparing analysis reports to patients and giving me up to date accurate information.?

Richard Rocker, Ireland
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